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My Journey

My name is Charlene and I am a mother of 4, living in Scotland. I believe that everyone deserves to shop their favorite fragrance, beauty and well-being products without having to spend a fortune.

I have endometriosis & pmd. For those who are unaware of these conditions, they are woman specific. The endo is a co start, all day, every day, month, year condition. We control this with operations to remove the tissue that grows outside my womb and attaches it’s self like a pest on all organs.

The pmd simply means my body can’t cope with changes in hormones and fights back like it’s a foreign object leaving me Angry.. agitated .. exhausted.. teary. It can also leave me bed bound. It’s like another person has taken over my body and I turn into (no joke) a nightmare.

All of the above is not limited and controlled my life, well… that’s until now. I’ve taken control and when the bad days hit I’m fighting through them. That’s not to say it won’t get too much and bed will be my only option and escape.

I am currently waiting on a full hysterectomy and I refuse to let this get me down because this will hopefully be the beginning of a new energised life, we’re I can enjoy the parts of life I love even more.

The point of this post is to show every girl/woman out there that you should never be ashamed like I have been of who you are and no matter how hard times get you can always pick yourself back up.

Also to any man who has to live with these conditions, which they do if their mother, partner sister or friend has these conditions, I’d like to thank you for being amazing and supportive on behalf of each and every sufferer.

I’d also just like to add I’m lucky .. iv had the chance to carry give birth and watch my children grow . Not everyone with endo gets that privilege and that keeps me going knowing things could be worse.

I’m now in partnership with JustStrong and I’m proud of each and every woman who, no matter her story has picked herself up and has never given up.

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Kat Clark

I've suffered for many years since I was younger. Anxiety turned to panic attacks, then agoraphobia. After just 3 weeks of using Essens CBD capsules I had halved my prescribed medication. it's changed my life.

Aysha Dar

For 23 years I have suffered from migraines which could last up to 2 days at a time. since taking Essens CBD, the migraines have significantly decreased, the CBD has changed the quality of my life dramatically for the better.

Beck Mcculloch

I've felt peri-menopausal for a few years now and my worst symptoms were anxiety and irritability/rage. After a few weeks I started to feel so much calmer and as a result I have started to wean off my prescribed medication

John Alan Wareing

I have severe arthritis in my knees from an over sporty youth. I'm waiting for a Knee replacement so I've been taking CBD oils for over two years but they taste foul. Th Essens CBD capsules have blown the oils out of the water and I will never go back.
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